Thursday, 7 February 2019

Birthday Wishes to my Wife – A Short Story

Today is the Birthday of my Wife.
Red Roses
Just a short story.
Few years ago, when I was still a Student doing Master’s here in Australia, I prayed to God for a Good job. Nothing happened. After a while, I prayed for help, guidance, motivation and devotion to God. Nothing happened. I then prayed to God for a good friend. A good family, nice children, a Home some good times, for someone who can guide me, motivate me to right things, be critical of me, one who would never leave alone me in any situation. The, I also prayed to God to send me someone who is talkative, because I am by nature very quiet person. Prayed for someone who is beautiful not only at looks but also in her heart. Then, I thought life is not like living in a Five-star Hotel where everyone is cordial, and everything is nice. It should be something interesting like a Bollywood movie. A couple of songs, some fights, some comedy etc. Anyway, nothing happened.
And, then I forgot the whole thing and the time passed by.
Then suddenly, last night I had a dream and saw God. I was quick to ask him, my dear God, I now remember so many prayers that I did for you and I had so many wishes. And you never fulfilled any of them? And, I started recollecting and reading from the Wish-list again.
My dear God, I asked you for so many things, A good job, help, guidance in life, devotion to you, a good friend, a nice family etc.
And, the Sweet Lord kept smiling all the while and finally said these words, "You had too many wishes and takes too much of my time to fulfill. That's why I thought over and gave you a Gift that fulfills all your wishes, desires and what not. I sent you, your wife and everything else followed her automatically".
I could not say anything but, still had a question. Dear God, I said “That is so true. I totally agree with you. But, why did you give me your vision, darshan now?”
“Just to remind you that tomorrow is your wife’s Birthday”, saying this the Lord disappeared.
My dream broke, and I woke up.
My dear friends, devotee’s, family and relatives, please give your best wishes to my Wife for her good health and happiness.
Stay blessed my dear Wife. Thank you very much for everything, your love, care, affection, Chastisement, tolerance, anger, for looking after us and putting up with us. May Lord Krishna bless you with many more years of service to him. Many more Happy returns of the day.
Your Husband and Children…

PS:- This is something that I wrote on my Facebook page for my Wife. Many liked it and some asked me to post it here for wider audience.