Thursday, 7 September 2017

Magical Effect of Darshan

The word darshan is a Sanskrit word with its other variants like, Darshana or darshanam means, to see or glimpse which is an auspicious sight like a deity in the temple or that of a saintly person, a picture etc.
Lord Rama
Somehow, remembered this story I read long time ago and the power of taking the darshana or the holy sight of a deity in the temple or that of a saintly person. It is said that and also, we experience that as soon as darshan is taken, it completely transforms your consciousness, bad ideas to the good ideas. Purifies our consciousness, elevates our mood to the mode of goodness, so that we start feeling sober, Happy. That’s why in Vedic tradition, everywhere in the houses, we may not have deities, but at least we have pictures. In every corner, in every room, we have some pictures. So always unknowingly we see the pictures, darshan. Darshan is always there. I remember my childhood days, there used to be so many pictures of Lord Krishna, Rama everywhere in my Grandfathers house. I still remember them, one I like the most was baby Krishna holding a morsel of butter in his hand and that of Lord Rama with Lakshmana, Sita devi and Hanuman.
So, the story is that of Ravana who had abducted Sitaji. And he was trying to explain to her that “Ram is a pauper; I am the richest person. I can make you very happy. So please marry me”. She didn’t agree. Eventually he was completely tired. So, when we have some problems, we go to our brother always, to tell him that I have this problem. That’s why brother’s relationships are very auspicious, because we can tell that living entity what our trouble is, and he will sympathize and try to help us. So,Ravana had a brother Kubhakarana. So, he went to his brother. He said, “Brother, what to do.” Bother was sleeping. Kubhakarana, who was tricked by demigods to ask for a boon that for six months he would be sleeping and for six months he will be awake. So, that was his sleeping period. So Ravana had to, play big drums to wake him up.
Eventually Kumbhakarana opened his eyes,and said “Oh aah yes…”
And Ravana said, “I am in trouble.”
“What trouble, you are always in trouble. Let me sleep.” He was not able to wake up. Eventually, somehow or the other, Ravana continued and woke him up. He Kubhakarana said: “What’s the trouble now, tell me.”
Ravana said: “I am trying to explain to Sita and she does not agree with me to marry. What to do I don’t know.” Kumbhakarana showed him the way. That “You are already mystic”, he said, “You have so many mystic powers. You can take any form. So better take Ram’s form, and then Sita will agree. If she sees Ram is here, there is no question of disagreement.”
And, Ravana said: “You are correct. I tried to do it many times, but whenever I became Ram and see myself transformed as Rama, Sita appears to me as my mother.” 

So, this is the thing. Our inauspicious tendencies are completely dragged out by taking the darshan or even just by thinking about the Supreme Lord.