Monday, 19 March 2018

New Favicon for Urban Yogi and how to add one to yours

I was thinking of a logo and a favicon for my blog and requested one of my friend to create one for me using the letters U & Y and what he came up was quite impressive. It took few minutes of learning and work and I finally uploaded it to my blog.
Let me know your feedback about the Favicon and the logo.
Urban Yogi Favicon

 What is a Favicon?
A favicon is an image or a small tiny icon that is associated with a particular Blog, Web page and/or Web site. A favicon helps as a visual reminder of your Web site identity in the address bar or in tabs.

I used this website ( to generate the .ico extension images, which is quite simple and straightforward.

How to add a Favicon to your blogger blog?

Blogger Admin Page
Firstly, you need an image that you want to use as a Favicon. You can use an existing image or create one by going to so many free or paid website.

Go to Administration Screen > Layout > Favicon > Edit > Choose File > Upload > Save.

And, then in the Layout section, Click the Save Arrangement Button to save your changes.

Click on the View Blog link and your blog is displayed on a new Brower. There you can see your newly added Favicon being displayed.

Address bar

P.S: This applies to Blogs developed using the blogger templates. I am sure, the same holds good for others like WordPress etc. but, the navigation might be different.
The Orange color of U needs to be little bit darker, I think.What do you reckon?.